About KonfAktiv

Passion and performance!

KonfAktiv Swedish Lapland have been operating since the mid 90´s. We are the leading DMC domestically in Swedish Lapland. With long-term contracts for the local university, steel-industry and other large clients we have daily contacts with suppliers giving us better prices and trustful relations.

In a world wide fierce competition we know that passion for the work, passion in presenting the local feeling and Lapland touch are crucial! We are 100% filled with passion in working with groups in Lapland. We also know the importance of 100% function, problemsolving in real-time giving you the trustful feeling and a client that are relaxed and communicates with you during and most important after the event! This will give future business and also increase the trustful feeling of working with us!

We know this after many years after operating, it is the small issues that are important after settled the larger components in building and event or incentive. We know that the start is very important, we know that the ending is important. We want you to feel that we know, we are aware and we will do the outernmost to forefill this.

This have over the years given us several awards and always really good feed-backs from clients.

Passion, Perfomance & Planning, thats the keywords for us! Some clients say: you do not have ”7 stars” hotel but you are among the best in the World in service!

Come and experience Lapland with us!

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